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FarCry Digital is a leading provider of consulting services & support for Aegis FactoryLogix Suite and Aegis Database technology. Whether you’re an existing Aegis customer or are brand new to the Aegis MES Suite, FarCry Digital has something for you.

Existing Aegis Customers

For companies who run Aegis FactoryLogix Suite, FarCry specializes in helping customers achieve and maintain the full value of their FLx applications and technology. Our business was created to focus on manufacturing system technologies. Over the years we’ve developed a consulting approach which enables us to better understand our customers so that we can help them shape Aegis software to meet their unique requirements.

For existing customers, we’ve created tools to automate the diagnostic and discovery process so that we can quickly identify improvement opportunities. In addition, our proactive consulting delivery model allows customers to work directly with experts who know the software and can quickly implement these improvements. Our people are, absolutely, some of the most qualified Aegis experts in the world. And, we make it easy for you to call on us for help when you need us, and just keep us in touch when you don’t.

Another benefit to customers is our fixed-price, fixed-scope solutions that can help you maximize the business value of Aegis MES software you already own and can be implemented in a matter of weeks – not months.

New to Aegis Customer Services

For companies of any size who are new to Aegis, FarCry provides full-scale implementation services. Our risk-based approach enables us to undertake large projects in segments – completing and validating each phase, one at a time. Once the implementation is tested and complete, our company is uniquely positioned to continuously support clients according to their needs so that, as your company changes and grows, you can continue to achieve full value from your initial software investment.





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Strategic & Project Based Aegis Consulting

FarCry Digital Aegis Consulting Services offers business-focused consulting to help customers get the most value from their Aegis investment.
Our team knows the product inside and out. While others simply implement software and leave before the problems begin, FarCry does it right the first time.
HealthCheck and Assessments

FarCry can help audit and prepare a detailed plan of action for tasks that you can do to stabilize and improve your existing FactoryLogix system.

Roadmapping & Alignment

FarCry works with your team to analyze your Aegis software needs. Together, we create solutions that are viable, realistic and successful.

Functional Consulting

The FarCry Functional team has all the skill and knowledge to mentor your team how to use, improve and get the most out of your FactoryLogix system.

Dashboards, Reporting,

We understand that reporting needs are different for every company. FarCry can help companies meet data reporting and visualization requirements.
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Implementations, Upgrades, & Migrations

FarCry is your source for Aegis Upgrades. We are here to make sure you get the most recent technology and best version of your FactoryLogix system.

Architecture & Design

We can help source a complete server/client system with the highest level of performance, reliability, and security with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Tech Support & Mentoring

We can help! FarCry engineers encounter so many different environments, we have extensive experience working to overcome many obstacles.

Third Party Integration & API Development

FarCry offers Aegis integration & development services for the simplest of projects to the more in-depth framework design.
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